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Administrative Law Judges





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Administrative Law Judge ​Support Staff
​J. Gregory Allen ​Kristi Short
​email: ​email:
​Sonya McGarey
Bolton, Steven G.​ Melissa Satterely​
email: email:
​Autumn Slucher
Borders, R. Scott Elizabeth Shinkle
email: ​ ​email:
Joni Skinner​
​Case, Roland R. ​Barbara Friend email:
​Abby Pacheco
​Coleman, John B. Lisa Combs​
email: email:
​Cara Oatman
Davis, Chris​ Jennifer Carr​
email: email:
Mary Williams​
​Gott, Douglas W. ​Valerie Towe
email: email:
Kellie Woodcock​
​Hays, Edward D. Mary Stanley
email: email:
Sherron Westerfield
​Miller, Jeanie Owen Yvonne Reed​​
email: email:
Bettye White
​Overfield, J. Landon CALJ ​Nikki Higgins
email: ​email:
​Overfield, J. Landon ​Tammy Hobson
email: email:
Nancy Klein​
Polites, Thomas G.​ ​Chasity Dean
email:   ​email:
​Tammy Gilley
​Roark, Grant S. Alice Lopez​
email: email:
Linda McIntosh​
Rudolff, William Judy Young​
email: email:
​Stephanie Carroll
​Swisher, Robert L. Vacant
email: email:
Laura Horton​
​Dana Hazlett
Weatherby, Jonathan​ Lori Wilson​​
email: email:
​Malinda McMillan
Williams, Jane Rice​ ​Elizabeth Lakes
email: ​email:
​Tammy Lakes
​Wolff, IV, Otto D. ​Tricia Foulks
email: ​email:
Carol Hughes​

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Department of Workers' Claims
657 Chamberlin Avenue
Frankfort KY  40601
Phone: (502) 564-5550

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