Information and Research
The duties of the Division of Information and Research include collection, storage and retrieval of data and the dissemination of information. The Division of Information and Research is organized into two branches, the Records Branch and the Imaging Branch.

The Records Branch is a fundamental part of the Department of Workers' Claims (DWC) and is divided into four sections:  Data Entry, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Proof of Coverage (POC) and Research. These sections combine to ensure reliability, accuracy and integrity within the data that is submitted to the DWC.

As a result of Governor Beshear's reorganization, the Imaging Branch is now comprised of two sections; Scanning and Open Records. The duties of the Imaging Branch consist of imaging and verifying all hard copy documents as well as indexing them into the DWC’s integrated information and optical image system. The Imaging Branch also responds to requests for claim and first report information as well as open records requests.
Vacant Position, Division Director
Vacant Position Division Director
Howard "Cam" Lawson Assistant Director 502-782-4486
James Wood Branch Manager 502-782-4553
20Data Entry
Terri Robinson Section Supervisor 502-782-4402
20EDI Claims
Stephen Mason 502-782-4540
Beth Baxter 502-782-4465
Vacant Position Section Supervisor
20Open Records
Deana Mitchell Administrative Specialist 502-782-4455
20Technical Support
John Barton 502-782-4424