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Released: 2/24/2016
The Kentucky Labor Cabinet’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training today announced the complete Population Center Training schedule for 2016
2/24/2016 3:05 PMSystem Account
River Metals Recycling Press Release 2-2-16.pdf
Released: 2/3/2016
Kentucky Labor Cabinet Secretary Derrick Ramsey was on hand yesterday at River Metals Recycling (RMR) to recognize the company’s exemplary workplace safety record and recertification into the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).
2/4/2016 9:10 AMSystem Account
Released: 11/30/2015
Deputy Secretary Rocky Comito of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet joined employees and officials in Robards to present the employees of Big Rivers Sebree Station with the Governor’s Safety and Health Award.
11/30/2015 11:55 AMSystem Account
Released: 11/24/2015
The latest incidence rate involving all employer-reported workplace injury and illnesses was 3.8 per 100 equivalent full-time workers, which is the lowest rate in Kentucky's history.
11/24/2015 9:57 AMSystem Account
Released: 11/19/2015
The employees went more than 1.1 million hours without a lost-time incident to earn their first award.
11/19/2015 10:16 AMSystem Account
Released: 11/17/2015
The workers at the Louisville company have gone more than 651,000 hours without a lost-time incident, going back to early 2009.
11/17/2015 8:40 AMSystem Account
Released: 11/17/2015
The employees there have gone approximately 256,000 hours without a lost-time incident. This is their second such award, earning for the first time in 2009.
11/17/2015 8:44 AMSystem Account
Released: 10/14/2015
RMR’s facility in Paducah joins the company’s Newport and Owensboro facilities with certification under Kentucky’s highest safety and health honor for small businesses.
10/14/2015 3:33 PMSystem Account
Released: 9/30/2015
Siemens Marion did not have a lost-time injury in more than 1 million work hours across seven years, going back to June 2008.
9/30/2015 10:02 AMSystem Account
Released: 9/25/2015
Employee Misclassification: How it affects workers, businesses and the Commonwealth
9/25/2015 9:30 AMSystem Account
Released: 9/24/2015
The Kentucky Apprenticeship Conference will be held at General Butler State Park in Carrollton Sept. 30-Oct. 2. Leaders from business, education, government and labor backgrounds will attend the conference, which the Kentucky Labor Cabinet sponsors.
9/24/2015 9:56 AMSystem Account
Released: 9/10/2015
The Electro Cycle team has gone more than 380,000 hours over the span of 1,460 work days without a lost-time incident.
9/10/2015 9:14 AMSystem Account
Released: 9/2/2015
Deputy Secretary Rocky Comito of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet presented employees of Transfreight with the Governor’s Safety and Health Award. The workers in Georgetown have gone more than 512,000 hours without a lost-time incident.
9/2/2015 2:49 PMSystem Account
Released: 8/28/2015
Kentucky Labor Cabinet Deputy Secretary Rocky Comito presented employees of the Meade County Rural Electric Cooperative with their first Governors’ Safety and Health Award. The employees have gone more than 250,490 hours without a lost-time incident.
8/28/2015 1:57 PMSystem Account
Released: 8/12/2015
The Kentucky Labor Cabinet presented employees of Louisville's Allmond Avenue facility of Multi Packaging Solutions with their first Governor’s Safety and Health Award.
8/12/2015 1:16 PMSystem Account
Released: 8/4/2015
The Kentucky Labor Cabinet will hold free informational and training courses August 10-13 on safety and health topics that can benefit all workers and employers in Kentucky. The training will be held at the Maysville Community and Technical College.
8/4/2015 9:54 AMSystem Account
Released: 7/20/2015
In an effort to increase safety during the construction of a new distillery project in Bardstown, Buzick Construction has entered into its first Construction Partnership Program with the Kentucky Labor Cabinet.
7/20/2015 2:12 PMSystem Account
Released: 7/15/2015
The Kentucky Labor Cabinet has announced a partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor to combat the misclassification of employees as independent contractors.
7/15/2015 7:25 AMSystem Account
Released: 7/6/2015
The Kentucky Labor Cabinet will hold free informational and training courses from July 13-16 on topics that can benefit all workers and employers in Kentucky. The training will be held at the Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park in Gilbertsville.
7/6/2015 11:19 AMSystem Account
Released: 6/22/2015
The Kentucky Labor Cabinet wants to remind all employers and employees that high temperatures and humidity can have devastating effects if workers do not take proper precautions and procedures.
6/22/2015 2:28 PMSystem Account
Released: 6/16/2015
The mechanical and electronic lock manufacturing facility has not had a lost-time injury or illness in more than 350,000 work hours. 
6/16/2015 11:04 AMSystem Account
Released: 6/8/2015
The Kentucky Labor Cabinet’s deputy commissioner of Workplace Standards, Michael Donta, has been chosen as president of the National Association of State and Territorial Apprenticeship Directors (NASTAD).
6/8/2015 1:47 PMSystem Account
Released: 5/26/2015
Kentucky Labor Cabinet officials presented Jackson WWS Inc. a plaque and a flag signifying the company’s certification under the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).
5/26/2015 3:21 PMSystem Account
Released: 5/13/2015
There’s something special going on in Grayson County, Kentucky. It’s something that is turning heads and perking up eyebrows, and perhaps providing an example for the rest of the country.
5/13/2015 10:08 AMSystem Account
Released: 4/28/2015
Hundreds of safety managers, occupational health nurses, construction managers and plant managers will be in Louisville May 5-8 to attend the 31st annual Governor’s Safety and Health Conference and Exposition at the Galt House.
4/28/2015 1:09 PMSystem Account
Released: 4/22/2015
Deputy Secretary Rocky Comito of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet joined company officials from Carhartt in Madisonville to recognize employees for earning the Governor’s Safety and Health Award.
4/23/2015 8:33 AMSystem Account
Released: 4/8/2015
The Kentucky Labor Cabinet examined the causes of worker fatalities each year in Kentucky from 2012-14, and found the heart attack was the overwhelming number one cause of death at work. 
4/8/2015 9:42 AMSystem Account
Released: 3/27/2015
The Kentucky Labor Cabinet will hold free training courses from April 20-23 on topics that can benefit all workers and employers in Kentucky. The training will be held at the Clarion Hotel at 1950 Newtown Pike in Lexington.
3/27/2015 10:42 AMSystem Account
Released: 3/13/2015
The honor recognizes the member-owned cooperative’s headquarters for more than 753,000 hours without a lost-time accident or illness. The headquarters had its last lost-time incident in June 2011.
3/13/2015 8:26 AMSystem Account
Released: 2/23/2015
Gov. Beshear Announces Competency-Based Learning, a New Partnership in Apprentice Education in Kentucky
2/25/2015 3:26 PMSystem Account
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