Occasionally, an employer will be unsure of how to correct a hazard or potential hazard due to the lack of the necessary technical expertise. In those instances where qualified staff resources are available, a technical assistance visit may be conducted on site to review the hazard then provide recommendations for correction.

Click here to download a technical review request form.
Abatement Assistance Visit
Should an employer be cited for a workplace hazard by the Division of Compliance and need information on abatement options available, an abatement assistance visit may be conducted on site.
The Publications Office has on hand a wide variety of technical and informational publications on compact disc which are available to employer and employee groups on request. Copies of the compact disc may be obtained by contacting the Division of Education and Training (502) 564-4102, or click here to complete a publications request form on-line.
Technical Library
The Technical Assistance function also includes an extensive technical library for use by the Cabinet's Legal, Compliance and Education and Training staffs for research and information purposes. The public is welcome to use this library; however, material may not be checked out.