The mission of Education and Training is to do everything possible to make the commonwealth of Kentucky’s workplace a safer and healthier environment. We are seeking an environment where employees can complete their work day and go home uninjured, as healthy as when they started the work day. To accomplish this, it is essential to increase awareness of the services that the Division of Education and Training, Kentucky OSH offers, to provide FREE safety and health training to more employers and employees and provide FREE confidential safety and health consultation services to facilities and organizations or groups requesting those services.

To make this goal a reality, we are offering FREE population center training opportunities and presenting them in areas of the state wherever we are invited. We are offering training opportunities across the state on regulation changes. Our FREE and confidential safety and health consultation services are available upon request. We are continuously updating reference materials and staying in touch with the needs of Kentucky.

The Division of Education and Training has some of the most experienced and well-trained safety and health consultants in the nation. Our consultants are constantly striving to improve expertise through training and interactions with other experts to provide the highest level of service to the citizens and employers of Kentucky.

You can assist us in our mission to make Kentucky a safer workplace by taking advantage of the resources offered by the Division of Education and Training and the highly qualified and capable consultants that are available and FREE to assist you. View our Web site or contact this office for more information on what we can do to assist you.
Education and Training Contacts
Kimberlee C. Perry
Education and Training Director

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Health Consultation
Rae Lynn C. Whitehouse
Health Branch Manager

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Safety Consultation
David Stumbo
Safety Branch Manager

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Danny Vernon
Partnership Branch Manager

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