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Inspection Data


Inspection Detail Definitions


  • Establishment Search
    Locate inspections conducted at particular establishment.
  • Search Inspections By SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)
    Locate inspections conducted within a particular industry group.
  • Inspection Information
    Find information about an inspection when the activity number identifying the inspection is known.
  • Accident Investigation Search
    Search the text of the Accident Investigation Summaries (OSHA-170 form).
  • General Duty Standard Search
    Search the text associated with General Duty citations.
  • Frequently Cited OSHA Standards
    Determine the most frequently cited federal and state standards for a given SIC. The SIC may be determined by accessing the online SIC Manual.
  • SIC Search
    Search the alphabetic index of the 1987 manual by keywords; access detailed information for a specified SIC, division, or major group.
  • SIC Manual
    Access detailed information for a specified SIC, division, or major group, and browse through the manual structure.
  • NAICS Manual
    During 2003-2004, OSHA transitioned to NAICS, the North American Industry Classification System, a 6-digit industry grouping system developed in cooperation with Canada and Mexico.
  • Industry Profile for an OSHA Standard
    Displays the industry SICs in which a specified federal OSHA standard is most often cited. Information is shown at the SIC division and 2, 3, and 4-digit SIC levels.