Kentucky statutes regarding requests for inspections require that notices of violations or danger "shall be reduced to writing, shall set forth with reasonable particularity the grounds for the notice, and shall be signed by the employee or representative of employees..." (KRS Chapter 338.121). Thus, electronic complaints do not meet the criteria set forth by Kentucky's Occupational Safety and Health laws.  The complaint form referenced below, however, may be printed, completed, signed and mailed to:
Kentucky Labor Cabinet
Division of Occupational Safety & Health Compliance
1047 U.S. 127 South, Suite 4
Frankfort, KY 40601-4381
Employees or their representatives may also choose to send a signed letter that contains the same information in lieu of this form.
You can access this form here.
Division of Compliance
1047 U.S. Highway 127 South, Suite 4
Frankfort KY  40601
Phone: (502) 564-3535
Fax: (502) 564-5723