The Kentucky State Plan represents the formal agreement between the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA.  The components of the State Plan are available here.

Provisions of the State Plan
Volume I
  • Table of Contents for Kentucky OSH State Plan; Appendix I
  • Plan Narrative; Appendix II
  • Statutes; Appendix III (Click Here) 
  • Legislation Affecting KRS Chapter 338; Appendix IV
  • Executive Orders; Appendix V
  • Executive Orders - Governor's Correspondence; Appendix VI
  • Attorney General Opinions; Appendix VII
  • OSH Program - Administrative Regulations; Appendix VIII
  • OSH Standards - Administrative Regulations; Appendix IX
Volume II
  • Compliance Field Operations Manual; Appendix I
  • Kentucky OSH Technical Manual; Appendix II
  • OSH Review Commission; Appendix III
  • Disclosure and Publicity; Appendix IV
Volume III
  • Interagency Agreement and Agreement Contracts; Appendix I
  • Kentucky OSH Posters; Appendix II
  • Voluntary Compliance Programs, Division of Education and Training Operations Manual; Appendix III
  • Memorandum of Agreements; Appendix IV
  • Organization Charts, Staffing Patterns and Position Descriptions; Appendix V
  • Kentucky OSH Standards Board; Appendix VI
Volume IV
  • Evaluation; Appendix I
  • Federal/State Documents; Appendix II
  • 23(g) Operational Grant; Appendix III (See Volume IV-A)
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