The Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Standards Board is a thirteen (13) member body chaired by the Secretary of the Labor Cabinet. The remaining twelve (12) members are appointed by the Governor to equally represent labor, the safety and health profession, management, and agriculture. Meeting at least once each year, the Board is empowered to adopt, amend, or revoke OSH standards. Notices of all meetings are advertised in newspapers throughout the state and are open to the public.

         Secretary Larry L. Roberts
Representing Industry
          Van Mitchell
          Neil H. McElroy
          Howard "Butch" Collins
 Representing Labor
          Donna S. Haynes
          Ron L. Lynch
          Steven M. Stone
Representing the Safety and Health Profession
          David Thomas Hart
          Barry K. Holder
          Donna M. Ringo
Representing Agriculture
         Randy K. Chrisman 
         Michelle Barnett
         Shea S. Lowe
Upcoming board meeting information will be available soon.  Check back here for updates.
The Board met Tuesday, May 6, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. EDST in the Breathitt Room at the Galt House, 140 North 4th Street, in Louisville.  The Board considered amendments related to:
  • The May 29, 2013 final rule revising the exemption for digger derricks;


  • The June 13, 2013 direct final rule updating OSHA standards based on national consensus signage standards as well as the November 6, 2013 correction and confirmation of the effective date to the direct final rule;


  • The November 20, 2013 direct final rule revising inspection and certification requirements for mechanical power presses.  


  • The April 11, 2014 final rule creating and revising general industry and construction standards related to electric power generation, transmission, and distribution as well as electrical protective equipment;


  • The April 21, 2014 final rule revising maritime vertical tandem lift requirements; and


  • Repeal of 803 KAR 2:550.
Prior to the meeting date, interested persons may submit comment in writing to:
Kentucky Labor Cabinet
Office of OSH Federal-State Coordinator
1047 US HWY 127 South - Suite 4
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601.
Interested persons may also submit comment at the meeting.
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