What is the KYOSH IMPACT?
The Incident Mobile Post and Consultation Training vehicle, dubbed KYOSH IMPACT, is a state of the art incident response-outreach vehicle specifically constructed to support the Division of Compliance and the Division of Education and Training. The Class A multi-purpose motor coach is equipped with satellite service, surveillance equipment, internal and external monitors, workstations, and a host of other devices that serves the Kentucky OSH Program, employers, and employees throughout the Commonwealth.

The IMPACT’s first priority, as its name implies, is deployment in response to occupational safety and health incidents. The IMPACT is also deployed for outreach to traditional and non-traditional Labor Cabinet partners. The KYOSH IMPACT can be utilized for a variety of functions such as support of specialized strategic enforcement efforts, emergency operations, health fairs, or community events—to name a few. The KYOSH IMPACT provides a means to interact with populations the Labor Cabinet might not otherwise reach.

How do I request to use the KYOSH IMPACT?
Upon request, the Division of Education and Training can bring the KYOSH IMPACT to your facility, site, or event free of charge. Please complete a Request for Occupational Safety and Health Training Form for further information.