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In 1965, the first Directory of Kentucky Labor Organizations was published in an attempt to satisfy a very real need for communication between Kentucky's organized labor force, the citizens, and the government of our Commonwealth. In 1974, a renewed effort was made to extend that original purpose and establish a constantly updated source of information on the organized labor force of the Commonwealth. After a year of extensive research, the 1975 directory was published.

Since 1975 the Labor Cabinet has attempted to obtain all of the relevant information for every union and their locals operating in the Commonwealth and their district, or council, affiliations. The responses have been incorporated into the directory. We encourage and request unions, locals, districts, councils and users of the directory to send all changes of officers, addresses, telephone numbers, locals, membership totals, and contracts so that our records will be useful and timely. This will ensure that any omission, inaccuracy, or incomplete information will be corrected as quickly as possible.

In 2002 the directory was made available on the internet and the last hard copy was published. This allows us to update the information more frequently and provide users with the most accurate information available. We need your help to ensure our information is accurate. Please let us know when there are changes to your organization so we can update your information in the directory. The forms below are provided to help keep the directory as up to date as possible. If you have a change, please complete the appropriate form below and email it to us so we can update your information.

Thank you for your help.

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