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38th Kentucky Labor-Management Conference

  September 15, 16 and 17, 2015

Register Online at
Established in 1977, the conference is governed by a Board of Directors and co-sponsored by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet and the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development. The Kentucky Labor-Management Conference serves as the centerpiece of the state's effort to promote labor-management cooperation as an enhancement to economic development. The event provides participants a relaxed atmosphere, apart from the work environment, that is conducive to positive, meaningful dialogue between labor and management.

The conference begins with two (2) days of interactive educational opportunities in which the participants are given the chance to talk directly with the presenters on a wide variety of topics of mutual interest to labor and management. The final day of the conference is reserved for networking activities designed to team labor and management together in a recreational setting. Input from participants over the years has indicated that many issues that may have resulted in conflict have been resolved in the relaxed atmosphere of the conference.

Other conference highlights include the presentation of the Julian M. Carroll Labor and Management Awards, and the Labor-Management Scholarship Award.

Registration Information
The 40th Kentucky Labor-Management Conference will be held September 12, 13, and 14, 2017, at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park, in Gilbertsville.

Hotel Information will be provided once you have complete your on-line registration.

Labor-Management Conference Awards
The Board of Directors has three (3) awards that recognize excellence in labor-management cooperation and education. The awards are listed below along with appropriate form for nomination or application. If you know of a deserving individual please nominate them or give them the information so they can apply. The Board accepts nominations throughout the year.

Julian M. Carroll Labor and Management Awards
The Labor and Management Awards were first presented in 1987 and represent a commitment to excellence in cooperative processes. Awarded each year to a representative from labor and a representative from management who have demonstrated this sincere commitment to the concept of labor-management cooperation, these recipients have sought to find the common ground necessary to make their respective enterprises more competitive in the global marketplace through true cooperation.

Congratulations to our 2016 Labor and Management Award Recipients, Mr. Labor and Management Award Recipients, Mr. Mark Dowell and and the Late Mr. Vaughn Harbin.

Labor-Management Scholarship Award
The Board of Directors established the Kentucky Labor-Management Scholarship Award in 2005. Up to $4,000 is awarded to students who have plans to pursue a career in a labor-management relations related field or an apprentice's trade.

Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Recipients, Makenzie Bolus, Raymond Danicki, Myrissa Druien, Connor Krolak and Emily Miles!​

The Board of Directors would Like to thank all of our generous sponsors. The success of the conference is directly attributed to their continued support and contributions. We invite your organization to consider being a sponsor for the 2017 conference.

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