1.  Can I change my address by telephone?
No, the Division of Workers' Compensation Funds must have written authorization. The authorization may be faxed to (502) 564-5112, or mailed to the Kentucky Department of Labor, Division of Workers' Compensation Funds, Payment Branch, 1047 U.S. Hwy 127 South, Suite 4, Frankfort, KY 40601. Please write clearly and include your name, new address, claim number, Social Security number, telephone number and signature.  Changes in direct deposit are usually faxed to us from the bank using the Social Security form, and should also include your current mailing address, telephone number and signature. 
2.  Why didn’t my benefit payment arrive this Friday?
Benefit checks are mailed on Thursday evening and should not be expected until Monday.  Direct deposits are usually in the bank Friday morning.  However, due to occasional delays in the bank routing system, you should always check with your bank to make sure the deposit has been made. If you believe your check has been lost, call the Payment Branch at (502) 564-5467 for instructions on how to obtain a replacement check.  To reduce the risk of payment delays, inform the Division of Workers' Compensation Funds if you change your mailing address.
3. Have my payments been stopped?
If your check is the last payment you will receive, it will be marked "Final."  Unfortunately, we are unable to give this notice when payment is made by direct deposit. If you receive total disability benefits, you should receive notice approximately one year prior to the temporary stopping of benefits for repayment of your attorney's fee, and survivors are likewise notified prior to the stopping of benefits.  If you receive partial disability benefits, you should receive notice one month prior to the last benefit payment.
4. Can you send information concerning the amount and duration of my special fund or coal workers' pneumoconiosis fund benefits to me or other parties?
Yes, we will provide benefit information directly to you or a governmental agency, if requested by telephone or letter.   We do not release information concerning your benefits to any other parties (such as creditors) without your written authorization.
5. Who is my claims adjuster?
You do not have a claims adjuster for your special fund or coal workers' pneumoconiosis fund claim.  However, if you have questions or need assistance with regard to your benefits from either fund, call the Payment Branch at (502) 564-5467.
6.  My husband (or wife) receives benefits from the special fund or coal workers' pneumoconiosis fund and has died.  What should I do?
Call the Payment Branch at (502) 564-5467 to report the death and ask if you (and other survivors, such as children of the deceased worker) may be entitled to a continuation of all or part of the income benefits. If survivor's benefits are available, call the Office of Workers' Claims, Division of Ombudsman and Specialists Services at 1-800-554-8601 for application forms and assistance in obtaining the benefits.
7.  I have other workers' compensation questions, where may I obtain answers?
If you need help with general workers compensation questions or payment of medical bills, we urge you to contact your attorney, or the Office of Workers' Claims ombudsmen or specialists at their toll-free numbers:  800-554-8601 in Frankfort, 800-554-8602 in Pikeville or 800-554-8603 in Paducah.