The Division of Workers' Compensation Funds (formerly Division of Special Fund) is responsible for the administration of the special fund and coal workers' pneumoconiosis fund. The special fund is liable for part of the income benefits awarded for occupational injuries and diseases resulting from incidents or last exposures occurring prior to Dec. 12, 1996, while the coal fund is liable for 50 percent of the income and retraining benefits awarded for coal workers' pneumoconiosis claims arising from last exposures occurring after Dec. 12, 1996. The division pays about $70 million in benefits per year to approximately 7,000 disabled workers or surviving dependents.

Benefits are funded by assessments on workers' compensation insurance premiums and severed coal funds collected by the Kentucky Workers' Compensation Funding Commission. For more information on the Kentucky Workers' Compensation Funding Commission, visit their web site at

Questions concerning the special fund or coal fund should be addressed to Judith Erickson, Director, Division of Workers' Compensation Funds, 657 Chamberlin Avenue, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601, telephone number (502) 564-5467.

Other questions concerning workers' compensation should be directed to the Department of Workers' Claims at (502) 564-5550 or (800) 554-8601. Or visit their web site at
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Workers' Comp Laws & Regs
803 KAR 25:009: Pneumoconiosis Claims
803 KAR 25:120: Training or education programs eligible for retraining incentive benefits.
KRS 342.1241: Legislative findings and declarations on Kentucky coal workers' pneumoconiosis fund.
KRS 342.1242: Kentucky coal workers' pneumoconiosis fund -- Liability for and manner of making payments for awards for coal workers' pneumoconiosis -- Assessments to finance fund.
KRS 342.316: Liability of employer and previous employers for occupational disease -- Claims procedure -- Time limitations on claims -- Determination of liable employer -- Effect of concluded coal workers' pneumoconiosis claim -- Applicability of consensus procedure.
KRS 342.732: Income benefits and retraining incentive benefits for coal workers' pneumoconiosis -- Referral to Office of Vocational Rehabilitation -- Administrative regulations.
KRS 342.792: Consideration, reopening, and filing of claims of miners who were last exposed to hazards on certain dates -- Benefits -- Administrative regulations.
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