Public authority means any officer, board, or commission of this state, or any political subdivision or department thereof in the state, or any institution supported in whole or in part by public funds, including publicly owned or controlled corporations, authorized by law to enter into any contract for the construction of public works and any nonprofit corporation funded to act as an agency and instrumentality of the government agency in connection with the construction of public works, and any "private provider," as defined in KRS 197.500, which enters into any contract for the construction of an "adult correctional facility," as defined in KRS 197.500.

Additional Information
KRS 337.010 - Definitions (paragraph (3))
KRS 337.510 - Public authority's duties to include prevailing wage in proposal/contracts
KRS 337.512 - Duties of individual officers with respect to prevailing wage law  
KRS 337.540 - Overtime (paragraph (1))  
KRS 337.548 - Injunction of violation of prevailing wage law 
803 KAR 1:055 - Applicability of wage requirements      
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