Small Business Ombudsman
The Labor Cabinet Small Business Ombudsman is responsible for responding to inquiries from small businesses on administrative regulation and other regulatory matters and providing information regarding the procedure for submitting comments on administrative regulations as provided by KRS 13A.270(1). Please contact the ombudsman if you have questions about Labor Cabinet regulations or comments that you would like to submit about proposed regulations.

Contact the Small Business Ombudsman:
J. Brooken Smith
Chief of Staff, Office of the Secretary
1047 U.S. Highway 127 South
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Phone: (502) 564-0688

Note: The Small Business Ombudsman is separate and serves a different function than the Office of Inspector General (OIG), which as the Ombudsman, generally, for the Labor Cabinet, is responsible for investigating complaints and/or allegations of civil and/or possibly criminal violations committed by Labor Cabinet employees and/or the public working with the Labor Cabinet. The OIG may be contacted at 1049 U.S. Highway 127 South, Annex 2, Frankfort, KY, 40601 or by phone at 502-564-1985.

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