What is the Labor Cabinet?
The Labor Cabinet’s mission is to administer Kentucky’s workplace standards and workers compensation laws through education, mediation, adjudication and enforcement, in order to promote safe, healthful and quality working environments for employees and employers; to foster cooperative relationships between labor and management; and to promote fair compensation.
Workers' Claims
The Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims(DWC) is responsible for providing a fair, efficient and effective arena for resolving disputes that arise under the Kentucky Workers' Compensation Act. The DWC ensures that once an employee has been injured in the workplace, the employee receives required benefits from insurers or self-insured employers along with any necessary medical attention.
Workplace Standards
The Kentucky Department of Workplace Standards has the statutory authority and oversight to carry out the administrative duties of the Division of Employment Standards, Apprenticeship and Mediation, Workers' Compensation Funds, Labor-Management Relations and Mediation and the Occupational Safety and Health Program.
Workers' Compensation Funding Commission
The Kentucky Workers' Compensation Funding Commission was created in 1987 for the purposes of controlling, investing, and managing the funds collected to support the Commonwealth's workers' compensation program. The Funding Commission is required to establish the annual assessment rates necessary to fund the various programs.
KOSH Review Commission
When employers in the Commonwealth are cited by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, Division of Occupational Safety and Health Compliance for alleged violations of Kentucky's Occupational Safety and Health Act and Standards, and the employer or an employee contests the citations, the KOSH Review Commission provides an opportunity for the contesting party to come to a hearing and defend against the citations and penalties.
Office Of The Secretary
Labor Cabinet Secretary
Derrick K. Ramsey
Labor Cabinet Deputy Secretary
Deputy Secretary
Michael J. Nemes
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